Wood First

The Wood First program focuses on advancing wood use and innovative wood construction technologies in B.C. and establishing the province as a showcase for forest products in construction, interior design and daily living. Planning and delivery of the Wood First program is a collaborative effort involving the building construction and the forest industries. Based on recommendations from an advisory group representing a cross-section of primary and secondary manufacturing industries and wood product end-use sectors, FII develops an investment plan that allocates funding on an annual basis.

Activities under the Wood First program are delivered primarily through third-party organizations under a cost-sharing framework between FII, the Federal Government and industry. Initiatives are based on the understanding that long-term sustainability of the forest economy includes actively maintaining, creating and diversifying demand for B.C. forest products. 



  • Grow the culture of living and building with wood in B.C. and beyond
  • Maximize the appropriate use of wood in public and private projects
  • Strengthen B.C.’s capacity to produce competitive wood-based products and building systems that create and respond to market demand
  • Accelerate adoption of existing and emerging wood-based products and building systems
  • Position B.C. as a world leader in sustainable and innovative wood-based products and building systems in design, production, and application


For more information on annual program and funding priorities see 2021/22 Wood First Investment Plan. Also see FII Wood First - 3 Year Strategy.