Market Overview

FII continues to advance wood use and innovative wood construction technologies here at home.

By ensuring BC is an early adopter of new products and approaches to building with wood, including taller buildings, mass timber and engineered wood products, we’re able to further support regulatory change, stimulate jobs in the sector and showcase these advancements across North America and around the world.

Photo: Abbotsford Senior Secondary School | Credit: Aaron Millar

Key Stats



of all mass timber buildings in Canada have been built in BC


buildings in BC have been completed using mass timber since 2007


of international customers agree – BC forest products are a good choice for the environment

Market Priorities

  • Grow the culture of living and building with wood in BC
  • Maximize the use of wood in public and private projects
  • Strengthen BC’s capability and competitiveness
  • Accelerate adoption of wood products and building systems
  • Position BC as a leader in wood use
Photo: West Vancouver Aquatic Centre | Credit: Nic Lehoux

Strategic Approach

FII works with industry and government partners to advance wood use in BC through: 

  • Supporting the early adoption of the 2020 building code allowing for mass timber use up to 12 storeys
  • Conducting research on mass timber products and building systems to address and remove barriers
  • Developing technical guides and materials for early adopters
  • Profiling leading wood projects in BC and sharing best practices
  • Participating in cross-government and industry projects to reduce impediments and expand wood use
Photo: Brentwood Skytrain Station | Credit: Tae IK Hwang, courtesy

Featured Projects

Construction Foundation of BC’s Skills Ready for Wood Initiative | Photo: Construction Foundation of BC.

Promoting careers in the wood sector

Construction Foundation of BC’s Skills Ready for Wood Initiative | Photo: Construction Foundation of BC.

With shifting industry requirements and many baby boomers entering retirement, the wood construction sector offers extensive career opportunities for young people. To help meet this demand, in 2019/20, FII supported the development of the Construction Foundation of BC’s Skills Ready for Wood Initiative.

The program engages youth in a meaningful way to support the exploration of careers in the wood construction industry. The programming includes showcases in areas where there are active wood manufacturing industries and an augmented reality app that gives students the ability to learn more about products and career paths in the industry.

Biophilia Report Cover

Mass timber research highlights

Cover of report: Wood, Well-being and Performance: The Human and Organizational Benefits of Wood Buildings.

To grow the knowledge base for designing and building mass timber and taller wood projects, FII funded extensive research in 2019/20, including:

  • A summary of world-wide research into biophilic construction (designs that emphasize natural elements, including the extensive use of wood products)
  • Design solutions adapting mass timber engineering to healthcare facilities
  • A review of potential options to mitigate issues raised by the finance and insurance sectors regarding wood use in larger projects
  • A study to identify technical or other impediments to using hem-fir in mass timber products

To view all research, please visit our Research Library

Demonstrating BC wood product use in foreign markets

Wood in Hospitality and Tourism Report Cover

FII completed two case studies, Wood in Hospitality & Tourism and The Benefits of Wood in Assisted Living Facilities, in response to requests from overseas partners to develop promotional pieces in support of work in these market segments. The studies feature projects in BC, China, Japan and India that incorporate BC’s innovative wood and mass timber products. To extend market reach, both publications are being translated into Mandarin and Korean.

Case studies are available at

Hockey players at Upper Skeena Recreation Centre, Hazelton, B.C. | Photos: Ema Peter Photography, courtesy Hemsworth Architecture

Hazelton shows how building with wood creates community

Hockey players at Upper Skeena Recreation Centre, Hazelton, B.C. | Photos: Ema Peter Photography, courtesy Hemsworth Architecture

When the Village of Hazelton had to replace its 40-year-old arena due to safety concerns, they knew they wanted to build a centre not only for the community but with the community. Using an FII-funded, BC Wood 2014 report called BC Wood Arenas — Design and Construction of Wood Recreational Facilities as a guide, the community was able to easily build a new recreation centre with wood. Local labour built the prefabricated wood wall and roof panels on site, and the wood roof is supported by glue-laminated timber beams and columns sourced from BC. FII and BC Wood produced a video on the project — Upper Skeena Rec Centre: Building a Community — with a social media campaign to promote the good news story.

View the video at