Our Mandate

As a Crown agency of the BC Government, FII is focused on expanding opportunities for BC forest products and ensuring BC’s forest sector continues to grow and prosper, by:

  • Promoting wood’s environmental merits as a preferred, sustainable, renewable building material.
  • Expanding global markets by creating more opportunities in existing and new markets—especially in high-potential Asian countries like China, Japan, South Korea, India and Vietnam.
  • Showcasing B.C.’s leadership in innovative wood use and manufacturing to advance the use of wood at home and abroad.
  • Collaborating with government and industry partners to maximize our effectiveness in supporting the growth of the mass timber and engineered wood products sector in B.C.
Photo: Yi Jing Yuan Multi-functional Hall, Xijiao State Guest Hotel, Shanghai | Credit: Canada Wood China

Our Programs

To deliver on our mandate, FII conducts a variety of initiatives and activities, delivered through three key program areas:

Market Initiatives

The Market Initiatives program drives growth and development of export markets and new market segments, particularly in the fast-growing markets of Asia. This program’s wide range of activities help to diversify the sector, open up new opportunities and sustain forest sector employment. The Market Initiatives program also focuses on high potential market segments for BC wood products across North America.

Under the program, FII works collaboratively with the forest industry, the federal government and the research community to leverage resources and maximize results.

Photo: China Hongyang Dujiangfu Art Museum | Credit: Canada Wood China

The key objectives of the Market Initiatives program are to:


Market opportunities are expanded in key Asian markets, with an emphasis on China, Japan and South Korea.

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Opportunities for B.C. forest products are developed in emerging markets with an emphasis on India and Vietnam.


Wood use is expanded in North America’s multi-family and commercial segments.


Entry barriers to B.C. forest products, including phytosanitary and product-specific regulations, are adequately addressed.

For a comprehensive overview of FII, our programs and partner activities delivered over the past year, download our 2022/23 Year in Review.


Wood First

The Wood First program focuses on advancing wood use and innovative wood construction technologies in BC and establishing the province as a showcase for wood products in construction, interior design and daily living.

By advancing the use of wood across the province, the Wood First program helps to grow local and global markets, promote climate-friendly construction and ensure that the province’s forest industry is vibrant and globally competitive. This provides benefits for current and future generations while strengthening BC communities.

Photo: Construction Foundation of BC’s Skills Ready for Wood Initiative | Credit: Construction Foundation of BC

The key objectives of the Wood First program are to:


B.C. has the capability to manufacture, design and construct with new and innovative next generation wood-based products and building systems that create and respond to market demand.


Architects, engineers, designers, developers and builders specify more wood because they have the skills, ability, and confidence to choose wood products and building systems over alternatives.

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B.C. is recognized as a world leader in production, design and construction of sustainable and innovative wood-based products and building systems in design, production, and application.

For a comprehensive overview of FII, our programs and partner activities delivered over the past year, download our 2022/23 Year in Review.


Market Outreach

Market Outreach works to expand opportunities for BC forest products by positioning wood as an environmentally friendly, preferred building material, and by highlighting BC as a reliable supplier of quality products from sustainably managed forests. These activities create a solid foundation for answering the questions, “Why wood?” and “Why wood from BC?”—upon which many of the market development investments and activities of FII and industry are based.

The program focuses on taking advantage of two significant trends in the marketplace—the emerging recognition of wood products as renewable and sustainable, and increasing demands from consumers for forest products that are produced in an environmentally-responsible manner.

Photo Credit: Nik West, courtesy naturallywood.com

The key objectives of the Market Outreach program are to:


International regulators accept B.C./ Canadian forest management practices, products and building systems as it relates to forest management, social, carbon and environmental responsibility policies. regulators, importers, and to a limited extent, consumers.


Key audiences acknowledge wood as a preferred building material and understand its benefits to mitigate climate change and achieve green building objectives.


B.C. is recognized as a leader in sustainable forest practices, and a preferred supplier of forest products and wood building solutions.

For a comprehensive overview of FII, our programs and partner activities delivered over the past year, download our 2022/23 Year in Review.


Our Offices

FII has offices in Vancouver, Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai and Ho Chi Minh City with additional representatives operating out of New Delhi, Bangalore and Xiong’an – areas we and our partners have identified as key markets for BC forest products.

aerial view of stanley park and vancouver city
aerial view of stanley park and vancouver city

Vancouver – HQ

FII's main corporate office is located in Vancouver, BC where our team works to support the BC forest sector on behalf of the province.

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The great wall, China
The great wall, China


Established in 2004, FII China operates as the Chinese subsidiary of FII to support market development efforts in mainland China.

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Taj mahal India
Taj mahal India


FII first opened an office in Mumbai, India in 2014 to capitalize on emerging opportunities for BC wood products in the market.

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Since 2017, FII has been researching and working to expand business development opportunities for BC species in Vietnam.

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For information on our strategic approach, priorities and activities within each market, please visit our Key Markets page.

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Partners in Market Development

At FII, we work collaboratively with industry trade associations, research institutions, provincial and federal governments, and trade development agencies to deliver a comprehensive suite of market development activities. This unique approach brings together the expertise and resources of the industry as well as two levels of government. By working together, we maximize impact and continue to lead the world in delivering innovative market development programs.

Photo: Richmond Olympic Oval | Credit: KK Law, courtesy naturallywood.com

Learn about this collaborative delivery model, our current partners and the projects being delivered under our Funding Programs:


FII is governed by a Board of Directors and is accountable to the BC Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation.

The industry provides FII and our Board with strategic input via three advisory bodies:

  • Market Priorities Committee
  • Market Acceptance Advisory Committee
  • Wood First Advisory Committee

Learn more about FII’s Governance, Board of Directors and Executive Team.

Corporate Reports

FII produces a variety of corporate documents to inform our partners, government and industry on our activities and accomplishments. We invite you to review these documents and to contact us with any questions, comments or feedback.

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Service Plan 2024/25
– 2026/27

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Annual Service Plan Report 2022/2023


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We believe in rewarding innovation, supporting diversity and making a positive impact—socially, economically and environmentally. View our career and contract opportunities pages below to learn more.