Affine Climate Solutions Society – $128,223

  • To demonstrate the benefits of total cost of ownership analysis for mass timber affordable housing.
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BC Wood Specialties Group logo

BC Wood Specialties Group – $673,704

  • Educate and train architects, engineers, interior designers and construction professionals on mass timber and other B.C. value-added wood products and their applications through a variety of educational events, such as lunch-and-learn sessions, group seminars and factory tours.
  • Promote wood building products and systems, as well as the benefits of wood in construction and design, with value-added forest product companies at trade events.
  • Increase competitiveness, innovation and adaptability of individual value-added wood companies by improving their marketing and business development capability through assessments, site visits, workshops and business development projects.
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Construction Foundation of British Columbia – $125,400

  • Work with First Nations youth to celebrate the intersection of traditional knowledge and the future of forestry and the built environment through youth community circles and engagement with manufacturing, design and building professionals who are Indigenous or have demonstrated positive collaboration with communities.
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FPInnovations – $232,500

  • Develop a web-based database for supporting the design, modelling, and analysis of mass timber structures.
  • Determine the seismic behaviour of brace timber frames, evaluate the adequate force modification factors, and generate the technical information needed for developing design guidelines.
  • Develop a high-capacity shear wall system with multiple rows of nails.
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Simon Fraser University – $77,000

  • Addressing barriers to mass timber insurance.
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University of British Columbia – Okanagan logo

University of British Columbia—Centre for Advanced Wood Processing – $370,066

  • Deliver educational programs to explore and convey advanced wood processing solutions, such as industrial robotics, mixed reality wood fabrication, and prefabrication in wood and mass timber assemblies.
  • Design, engineer, prototype, test and conduct cost-benefit analyses to support value-added manufacturers in the development of new wood products.
  • Maintain and grow an online platform and organize a series of networking meetings to foster collaboration between manufacturers and industrial designers in various subsectors of the value-added wood industry.
  • Improve and optimize the manufacturing process and product properties of naturally bonded bark cladding products from B.C. species.
  • Develop design values for glulam products using Hem-fir by full-size beam testing and computer modeling to develop layup combinations.
  • Develop the technical evidence in support of recognition of design values for Hem-fir Glulam weak axis bending in the Canadian Design code CSA O86.
  • Quantify the environmental benefits of utilizing recycled wood, emphasizing its potential to reduce the embodied carbon footprint.
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University of British Columbia – Okanagan logo

University of British Columbia—School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture – $13,200

  • Develop a guidebook for Design for Deconstruction in light wood construction.
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University of Northern British Columbia logo

University of Northern British Columbia – $127,160

  • Investigate the seismic performance of balloon-type CLT shear walls.
  • Conduct field vibration and sound insulation testing of three innovative CLT floor systems.
  • Conduct vibration testing of tall wood buildings in B.C. and across Canada to provide a modeling guide or strategies for the dynamic modeling of tall wood buildings.
  • Understand the impacts of semi-rigid beam hangers on column resistance and lateral design of post-and-beam frames.
  • Develop a prefabricated hollow floor system using structural composite lumber for mass timber construction.
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University of Victoria logo

University of Victoria – $170,500

  • Provide a database for developing design guidelines in mass timber construction to consider the effect of moisture content on the performance of self-tapping screw connections and to predict the brittle resistance of inclined self-tapping screws.
  • Examine the issue of rolling shear failure in the transverse lamination of a Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) panel.
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University of Waterloo – $96,800

  • Performance-based design of innovative tall-timber buildings under earthquake and fire loads.
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For an overview of our recipient projects completed in 2022/23, please download our Year in Review.