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ZEBx – $80,850

  • Build capacity to design and build affordable zero-emissions apartment buildings using wood/mass timber and other low-carbon materials through hands-on technical workshops.
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Vancouver Regional Construction Association – $55,000

  • Documenting construction research and development assets, including specific wood-based, to support innovation in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industries.
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University of Victoria – $44,000

  • Investigate the structural performance of hybrid building systems in which a light wood-frame structure is structurally attached to a mass timber core with a ductile connection system.
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University of Northern British Columbia logo

University of Northern British Columbia – $75,900

  • Investigate the viability of internal-perforated steel plates with self-drilling dowels as high-performance connections for CLT lateral load resisting systems to facilitate the development of reliable design guidance.
  • Validate the viability of glued-in rods as high-performance connections in CLT to help develop reliable design guidance for such connections in CLT systems.
  • Measure the sound insulation performance of mass timber floors with full-scale concrete topping on various continuous elastic interlayer materials and on discrete elastic load mounts.
  • Address vibration serviceability design of mass timber floors by extending the CLT floor design method to DLT floors and investigate the effects of concrete topping on the vibration performance of DLT floors.
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University of British Columbia – Okanagan logo

University of British Columbia – Centre for Advanced Wood Processing – $363,979

  • Design, engineer, prototype, test and conduct cost-benefit analyses to support value-added manufacturers in the development of new wood products.
  • Organize a series of networking meetings to foster collaboration between manufacturers and industrial designers in various subsectors of the value-added wood industry.
  • Deliver educational programs to explore and convey advanced wood processing solutions, such as industrial robotics, mixed-reality wood fabrication, and prefabrication in wood and mass timber assemblies.
  • Develop design guidelines for large span timber-based composite floor systems for high-rise office buildings.
  • Develop novel multi-material, deconstructable hybrid connections for mass timber prefabricated buildings.
  • Develop adhesives modified for use in the engineered wood products using fire-retardant nanoclays to improve their thermal stability and reduce the potential fire hazards.
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University of British Columbia – Okanagan logo

University of British Columbia – Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability – $83,600

  • Carry out LCAs for mid-rise, multi-unit residential buildings being developed through the Net-Zero Energy Ready Challenge under Clean BC.
  • Develop a protocol for adapting project information into the appropriate bill-of-materials (BOM) format for input into LCA tools and identify procedural challenges and variations of different material take-off methodologies and LCA tools.
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University of British Columbia – Okanagan logo

University of British Columbia – Okanagan – $72,600

  • Develop a resilience-based design framework for high-rise CLT buildings using innovative energy dissipators.
  • Enable building owners to make an informed decision on the potential emergencies/downtime and mitigate it at the design level, and help push the building height beyond the 12-storeys proposed in the 2020 NBC.
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Kyah Wiget Education Society logo

Kyah Wiget Education Society – $27,808

  • Educating trades and builders in wood passive house building techniques and theory as part of constructing a BC Housing 26-unit, three-storey, wood-frame, multi-family building project in the Witset First Nation.
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FPInnovations logo

FPInnovations – $135,718

  • Establish fire resistance ratings for a new Midply shear wall configuration that has a higher vertical load-carrying capacity and is designed to better allow services to be installed in.
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Construction Foundation of BC logo

Construction Foundation of BC- $250,184

  • Deliver the Skills Ready: Indigenous Skills for Wood program to engage Indigenous youth, educators, and industry to learn about BC wood products, with an emphasis on innovations in wood engineering and manufacturing.
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Wood Products Council logo

Canadian Wood Council – $531,465

  • Provide technical support and advice to address wood and mass timber performance attributes in multi-family, multi-storey and non-residential projects.
  • Convey practical wood design solutions through educational events.
  • Communicate sound wood construction practices.
  • Support building and fire code changes that allow for increased wood and mass timber use.
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BC Wood Specialties Group logo

BC Wood Specialties Group – $564,318

  • Educate and train architects, engineers, interior designers and construction professionals on mass timber and other BC value-added wood products and their applications through a variety of educational events, such as lunch-and-learn sessions, group seminars and factory tours.
  • Promote wood building products and systems, as well as the benefits of wood in construction and design, with value-added forest products companies at trade events.
  • Increase competitiveness, innovation and adaptability of individual value-added wood companies by improving their marketing and business development capability through assessments, site visits, workshops and business development projects.
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BC Housing Management Commission logo

BC Housing Management Commission – $96,800

  • Design charettes with building experts and policymakers from the City of Vienna and the City of Vancouver to identify opportunities and establish the direction for achieving project goals for the Vienna House project — a six-storey social residential wood building with 106 rental units project in Vancouver, BC that is a demonstration of affordable near-zero-emission housing.
  • The charrettes will be used to develop strategies for addressing the project goals of low-carbon emission design, resilient building strategies, prefabrication strategies, and knowledge transfer for wood buildings.
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For an overview of our recipient projects completed in 2019/20, please download our Year in Review.