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BC Wood Specialties Group – $569,283

  • Educate and train architects, engineers, interior designers and construction professionals on mass timber and other BC value-added wood products and their applications through a variety of educational events, such as lunch-and-learn sessions, group seminars and factory tours.
  • Promote wood building products and systems, as well as the benefits of wood in construction and design, with value-added forest product companies at trade events.
  • Increase competitiveness, innovation and adaptability of individual value-added wood companies by improving their marketing and business development capability through assessments, site visits, workshops and business development projects.
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Canadian Green Building Council – $87,428

  • Addressing embodied carbon in the built environment through opportunities for direct industry engagement, awareness and skills building. The use of low-carbon building materials, including wood, is part of strategies to achieve a zero-carbon building.
  • Expanding focus on embodied carbon beyond early adopters to catalyze wider adoption of embodied carbon consideration into the building industry by engaging developers, architects, engineers and builders to enhance skills and develop actionable plans regarding embodied carbon.
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Canadian Wood Council – $521,726

  • Provide technical support and advice to address wood and mass timber performance attributes in multi-family, multi-storey and non-residential projects.
  • Convey practical wood design solutions through educational events.
  • Communicate sound wood construction practices.
  • Support building and fire code changes that allow for increased wood and mass timber use.
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Construction Foundation of BC logo

Construction Foundation of BC- $217,888

  • Deliver the Skills Ready: Indigenous Skills for Wood program to engage Indigenous youth, educators, and industry to learn about BC wood products, with an emphasis on innovations in wood engineering and manufacturing.
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National Research Council of Canada – $75,023

  • Develop transparent intumescent coating that ensures fire resistance rating requirements are met with reduced encapsulation of mass timber, resulting in increased overall aesthetics provided by timber – this phase demonstrates proof-of-concept.
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University of British Columbia – Okanagan logo

University of British Columbia – Centre for Advanced Wood Processing – $340,670

  • Develop deconstructable hybrid connections for the next generation of mass timber prefabricated buildings – this phase tests a full-scale mockup of a shear wall.
  • Produce testing data on steel-timber composite floors to support design guidance, standards and codes.
  • Develop design guidelines for large-span timber-based composite floor systems for high-rise office buildings – this phase studies the effect of concrete toppings and the connection between the composite floor with concrete/streel columns or beams.
  • Deliver educational programs to explore and convey advanced wood processing solutions, such as industrial robotics, mixed reality wood fabrication and prefabrication in wood and mass timber assemblies.
  • Organize a BC tour to visit prominent mass-timber and prefabricated building system manufacturers.
  • Design, engineer, prototype, test and conduct cost-benefit analyses to support value-added manufacturers in the development of new wood products.
  • Develop an online platform and organize a series of networking meetings to foster collaboration between manufacturers and industrial designers in various subsectors of the value-added wood industry.
  • Organize a prefabrication in wood symposium to bring together architects, engineers and fabricators focusing on: 1) architectural innovation, 2) structural engineering considerations and 3) integrated manufacturing processes and technologies.
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University of British Columbia – Okanagan logo

University of British Columbia – Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability – $85,800

  • Assess Bill of Material (BoM) processes for LCA to support policy development on embodied carbon in buildings – this phase refines a process for establishing a standardized BoM database for setting benchmarks and performance targets.
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University of British Columbia – Okanagan logo

University of British Columbia – School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture – $19,800

  • Train and expose architects to actual full-scale wood construction activities through a design-build project.
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University of Northern British Columbia logo

University of Northern British Columbia – $158,910

  • Collect laboratory and field data to develop to develop vibration performance criteria and ranking system for mass timber floors – this phase develops a mobile app and prediction models for frequencies and vibration response of mass timber floors.
  • Develop dry floating floor solutions for mass timber floors with improved sound insulation performance.
  • Assess the performance of a novel high-performance connection system designed with lateral loads in mind consisting of internal-perforated-steel-plates fastened with self-drilling dowels.
  • Explore the feasibility of connections between CLT panels with ductile energy dissipating elements such as mild steel plates, viscoelastic rubber pads, and friction-based devices.
  • Investigate three different types of hold-downs at the component level to define the required loaded end-distances for CLT panel capacity protection.
  • Develop high-performance timber frames with smart braces to address seismic and wind loads - this phase develops design recommendations for buildings located in the most earthquake-prone areas in BC.
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University of Victoria logo

University of Victoria – $72,600

  • Investigate the seismic performance of hybrid light wood-frame structures connected to a CLT core - phase 2 further develops design details of an innovative lateral load resisting system for mid-rise wood-frame buildings.
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ZEBx – $146,452

  • Identifying and prioritizing opportunities to better integrate the value of high-performance mass timber into underwriting processes.
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For an overview of our recipient projects completed in 2019/20, please download our Year in Review.