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BC Wood Specialties Group – $1,172,565

  • Pursue niche opportunities for value-added wood products at trade events and seminars in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Bring together British Columbian and Canadian value-added wood product manufacturers with pre-qualified international buyers and specifiers at the 2024 Global Buyers Mission in Whistler.
  • Deliver targeted market development activities to increase sales in China, Japan, South Korea, and Mexico.
  • Support activities to promote and increase the use of Pacific Hem-Fir (PHF) lumber products in North American industrial, non-residential and outdoor market.
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Canada Wood Group logo

Canada Wood Group – $1,311,836

  • Expand the B.C. forest product sector’s global reach with market access and development teams in China, Japan, South Korea, Europe and Vietnam.
  • In China, address code constraints and provide training and other support to grow wood use in the construction (including prefabrication) and manufacturing sectors.
  • In Japan, develop innovative solutions to expand the use of lumber and panel products in large-scale buildings.
  • In South Korea, deliver wood-frame design and construction training to support innovative building solutions for larger-scale developments, including multi-family structures and those that use infill walls.
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Canadian Wood Council – $392,282

  • Support building and fire code changes that allow for wood and mass timber use.
  • Provide education, technical support and advice to address wood and mass timber performance attributes in multi-family, multi-storey and non-residential projects.
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Cedar Shake and Shingle Association logo

Cedar Shake and Shingle Association – $83,765

  • Deliver a multifaceted marketing campaign to encourage the use of high value-added cedar roofing and sidewall shakes and shingles as a product of choice among specifiers in the U.S.
  • Monitor building code updates in North America.
  • Providing architects, distributors, installers and end users with dedicated tools through workshops and literature.
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Western Red Cedar Lumber Association logo

Western Red Cedar Lumber Association – $1,046,863

  • Deliver a comprehensive program of marketing, communications, education and outreach to increase market awareness and improve the value proposition of western red cedar as a species in the U.S and Canada.
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Wood Pellet Association of Canada logo

Wood Pellet Association of Canada – $226,864

  • In Europe, improve the regulatory environment for wood pellets and communicate to the power generation and heating sectors the sustainable pedigree of B.C. forest products.
  • In Japan, identify new customers for industrial wood pellets, increase the amount of volume under long-term sales contracts and accompany the Minister’s Mission.
  • In Canada, in an effort to mitigate the impacts of climate change, position wood pellets as a viable, environmentally friendly alternative to coal.
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Wood Products Council – $299,200

  • Drive demand and support the specification of wood in mid-rise and mass timber non-residential and multi-family structures by providing technical advice, education and support to the building community.
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For an overview of our recipient projects completed in 2022/23, please download our Year in Review.