Forestry Innovation Investment

FII is a B.C. Crown agency governed by a Board of Directors and accountable to the B.C. Minister of International Trade. FII operates out of offices in Vancouver, Shanghai, Beijing and Mumbai.


The British Columbia forest sector is innovative, diverse and prosperous, based on sustainable forest practices and a commitment to continuous product and market development.


To develop and diversify domestic and international markets for B.C. forest products by working collaboratively with industry, government and institutional partners, and by making well balanced investments that respond to government and industry priorities while maximizing value to the Province.


  • Innovation - FII anticipates changing market, economic and geo-political forces that impact the forest economy, and invests in new programs, research and product development that offer competitive advantages to the forest sector.
  • Credibility and integrity – FII activities and funded projects are based on government and industry priorities and strategies developed in partnership with stakeholders and are based on extensive market research. FII services are transparent, timely and openly communicated.
  • Collaboration - FII works in partnership with key stakeholders in industry, the research sector and government to develop initiatives and ensure programs are delivered effectively.
  • Engagement - FII is actively involved in the market and product development programs it funds and delivers. FII not only responds to government and industry priorities, but also takes the initiative to identify new market opportunities and counsel industry and government on emerging issues.
  • Evidence based decision-making – FII is oriented towards growing markets, but recognizes that there are risks in pursuing opportunities. As much as possible, investment decisions are firmly rooted in current, relevant, and comprehensive market information that provides a sufficiently compelling business case for each market initiative.
  • Accountability - FII strives for transparent decision-making and investment processes. FII staff have a duty to ensure the appropriate use of the public funds entrusted to them. Activities are expected to be founded on clear objectives, generate a positive return and have well-developed performance measures.

Benefits to British Columbia

Encouraging expanded wood use both in B.C. and around the world is central to all of FII’s programs and investments.  A strong and healthy forest industry, with growing markets and market segments, encourages reinvestment and employment in the sector – directly supporting Canada Starts Here: The BC Jobs Plan.

FII benefits the families and economy of British Columbia by:

  • working to maintain existing markets for B.C. forest products in collaboration with the forest sector, supporting forestry jobs throughout B.C. ;
  • opening up new markets for B.C. forest products and creating the potential for new jobs to service these markets;
  • building awareness of B.C. internationally, particularly in China and elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region, which helps strengthen and grow trade ties; and
  • supporting the growth of a sustainable and green economy by promoting the environmental benefits of wood in structural and non-structural applications and greater use of renewable wood products from B.C.

How services are delivered

FII relies heavily on a joint delivery model involving trade associations, research institutions and other government agencies.  About two-thirds of FII’s budget is used to fund, in whole or in part, initiatives that are designed and delivered by industry trade associations. These activities are typically co-funded by FII, Natural Resources Canada through its Canada Wood Export and North America Wood First Programs, and industry.

In addition to its role as a co-funder of market development and research activities, FII pursues provincial government priorities by directly delivering a number of marketing initiatives. These government initiatives include:

  • conducting market research;
  • developing marketing resources for general use by industry including through the website;
  • communicating B.C.’s forest practices and environmental record to international markets; and
  • liaising with government agencies in China, where FII represents the interests of the forest sector in interactions with Chinese authorities and state controlled enterprises.

Read our 2015 Report to Stakeholders for a detailed overview of our programs and structure. 

Principal partners, clients and stakeholders

FII is pleased to work closely with the following organizations to sustain B.C.’s global leadership in wood products.


Organization Relationship
Government of British Columbia Sole shareholder, provides FII’s core funding
Ministry of International Trade Ministry responsible for FII
Ministry of  Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operation Responsible for forest practices and forest management as well as managing the sale of about 20% of the annual harvest on Crown land through B.C. Timber Sales
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Government of Canada Federal agency supporting in-market trade and investment promotion
Department of Natural Resources, Government of Canada Federal funding agency  for international marketing through the Canada Wood Export Program (CWEP)Wood First initiative
Government of Alberta Funding contributor to the China and Japan market development programs

B.C. forest industry associations and organizations:

  • APA – The Engineered Wood Association
  • B.C. Forestry Climate Change Working Group
  • B.C. Wood Specialties Group
  • Canada Wood Group
  • Canadian Wood Council
  • CertiWood
  • Coast Forest Products Association
  • Council of Forest Industries
  • Forest Products Association of Canada
  • Sustainable Building Coalition
  • Western Red Cedar Lumber Association
  • Wood Pellet Association of Canada
  • Wood Products Council
Funding recipients that initiate and deliver domestic and international market development programs and that may also receive funding from Natural Resources Canada and/or other partner organizations

Post-secondary and research institutions:

  • FPInnovations
  • University of British Columbia
Partners and/or funding recipients that initiate and deliver product development and technical research, and overseas training programs to build local capacity in wood frame construction


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