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Exterior view of the Administrative Building
Detailed view of the exterior façade
Detailed view of the canopy
Detailed view of the exterior façade
January 2013
Sanlin Affordable Housing Project

The Sanlin Affordable Housing Project consists of three wood-frame public buildings located at the heart of the largest affordable housing community in Shanghai. The 6,915 square metres Administrative Building, a 3,360 square meter Cultural Activities Centre, and a 10,700 square meter Community Services Centre are a part of an expansive, low-cost housing projects in China that uses Canadian wood-frame construction technology. These three public buildings are valuable assets to the Sanlin community and serves as an important resource for essential services and solutions that help individuals, families and neighbourhoods to succeed.

The Administrative Building and the Cultural Activities Centre are 1+3 hybrid buildings. The concrete first floor topped with three storeys made entirely from wood design is common throughout China for mixed-used buildings. While the Community Services Centre have in-fill wood partition walls. Construction on the two community buildings began in 2011 and was completed in 2013. The Cultural Activities Centre is scheduled to begin construction in late 2014.

The Sanlin Affordable Housing Project highlights the energy-efficient qualities of wood construction and illustrates the myriad of ways wood can be used effectively to address China’s growing urban housing needs. The MOU signed in 2009 between the Shanghai Housing Bureau, and the governments of British Columbia and Canada, undoubtedly demonstrates that wood-frame technology is perfectly suited to the Chinese families who will make the community of Sanlin their home.