• Research:
    • Investigate the performance of recently developed high-performance CLT shear wall connections when tested in multi-storey platform-type construction.
    • Develop point-supported CLT floor systems to a larger grid and reduce the material costs of a mass timber building project.
    • Address the design challenges in controlling human-induced vibration of mass timber floors and support the development of vibration design guidance for mass timber floor systems.
    • Develop a dynamic modelling method for the vibration design of tall mass-timber buildings.
    • Investigate the fire performance of archetypical tall timber buildings with mass timber cores after the occurrence of a design-level seismic event.
    • Examine the applicability of proposed structural connections in tall timber buildings and develop design recommendations for buildings located in seismic areas such as Victoria and Vancouver.
    • Investigate the feasibility of vacuum press technology for small and mid-sized BC companies to manufacture mass-timber panels.

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