• Collect laboratory and field data to develop to develop vibration performance criteria and ranking system for mass timber floors – this phase develops a mobile app and prediction models for frequencies and vibration response of mass timber floors.
  • Develop dry floating floor solutions for mass timber floors with improved sound insulation performance.
  • Assess the performance of a novel high-performance connection system designed with lateral loads in mind consisting of internal-perforated-steel-plates fastened with self-drilling dowels.
  • Explore the feasibility of connections between CLT panels with ductile energy dissipating elements such as mild steel plates, viscoelastic rubber pads, and friction-based devices.
  • Investigate three different types of hold-downs at the component level to define the required loaded end-distances for CLT panel capacity protection.
  • Develop high-performance timber frames with smart braces to address seismic and wind loads – this phase develops design recommendations for buildings located in the most earthquake-prone areas in BC.

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