Café Convention in Hyderabad, India, has embraced Canadian S-P-F on a new project in the hospitality sector. Adi Homes and Nesca Homes have successfully demonstrated the potential of wood frame construction.


Café Convention, located in Hyderabad, represents an innovative concept that combines accommodations, meeting spaces, and event venues in a comprehensive facility for corporate clients. This multi-purpose convention facility features one-storey wooden construction over a single-storey concrete/masonry base, distinguishing itself from traditional hospitality establishments. Adi Homes, a company specializing in serving corporate clients in the hospitality industry, collaborated with Nesca Homes, a prominent construction company experienced in working with S-P-F, to bring this unique vision to life.

Adi Homes’ aim was to create a distinctive facility that catered to the specific needs of their clientele while prioritizing sustainability and incorporating biophilic elements. Nesca Homes has extensive experience in using S-P-F for wood frame construction projects. Canadian S-P-F is sourced from sustainably managed forests, which aligns with Nesca Home’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Their history of working with this wood species has demonstrated its reliability and effectiveness, while also creating a charming atmosphere. These factors led them to choose S-P-F for the construction of Café Convention.

Canadian S-P-F, known for its versatility, strength, and stability, was used in various application throughout the project. It was used for structural elements, interior millwork, furniture, doors, stairs, and railings. The selection of S-P-F as the primary building material highlights its strength for constructing multi-story structures, solidifying its position as a top choice for structural applications in commercial projects.

The project came to the attention of FII as a result of their strong relationship with Nesca Homes. Since 2017, FII India has worked with the company, offering support, and fostering mutual trust and confidence. FII played a supporting role in the project by providing technical and wood advice, and overall assistance during the implementation phase. This collaboration between FII India, Nesca Homes, and Adi Homes reflects the commitment to promoting Canadian wood and fostering sustainable practices in India’s growing construction industry.

The success of Café Convention has delighted Adi Homes, as the facility has received significant attention and admiration from their clients. The positive response has led to plans for 20 similar projects across various regions of India, where Canadian S-P-F will remain the primary building material. This expansion not only showcases the potential for wood frame construction in the hospitality sector but also contributes to enhancing the use of Canadian wood in India’s construction industry.

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