Setting the hotel apart in the cityscape, western red cedar captures the attention of each person passing by

In the heart of Udaipur, India, stands the Parallel Hotel, recognized for its luxury and sophistication. Amidst its modern interiors and captivating views, the hotel’s unique architectural feature lies in the façade, adorned with western red cedar.

“It’s not just a building; it’s a work of art, and wood has played a significant role in achieving this distinction”
– Saurabh Khetan, Iraj Evolution Design Company

Confronted by the demanding climate of Rajasthan–marked by fluctuating temperatures and diverse weather conditions–manufacturer I.EVO selected western red cedar for the hotel’s exterior applications  such as the soffits and exterior cladding. Western red cedar offers resilience against the harsh elements due to its superior durability and dimensional stability. Its natural resistance to decay and insect damage means no chemical treatment is required. Beyond these benefits, the ability to take on rich, elegant stains make it an ideal choice for outdoor cladding and soffits.

“Western red cedar stands tall against the elements, showing minimal signs of weathering or deformation over time. This wood’s remarkable resistance to the harsh outdoors makes it a standout choice for exterior applications.”
– Saurabh Khetan, Iraj Evolution Design Company

The decision to use western red cedar aligns with the Parallel Hotel’s commitment to sustainability. It reflects a dedication to using natural resources in a creative and impactful manner. With wood’s natural ability to store carbon, British Columbia’s sustainably-sourced wood products present a more eco-friendly choice when compared with non-renewable materials.

The successful incorporation of western red cedar was made possible through collaboration with the FII India team who played an important role in helping the client source the wood, providing guidance on handling, installation and finishing. This collaboration ensured that the wood not only met but exceeded project requirements and customer expectations.