Celebrating another year focused on growing and strengthening markets for B.C. forest products, the 2017/18 Year in Review reports on progress made towards growing and strengthening markets for B.C. forest products.

Highlighting many of the forest sector market development activities that we are involved in around the world, it also draws attention to the achievements of FII, as well as Canada Wood and our many program and association partners in the U.S., China, Japan, South Korea and India. The report also speaks to progress being made in advancing innovation in the use of wood here at home, and efforts to position wood as a preferred, environmentally responsible, low carbon building solution.

This report is an important reminder of the partnerships that are crucial to our market development programs at home and abroad. The contributions and support by the Canadian Government—particularly Natural Resources Canada and Global Affairs Canada—as well as the forest industry, trade associations and research institutions, are instrumental in these accomplishments.