On February 13, 2016 FII India participated in the Vibrant Kutch event held in India's westernmost state of Gujarat. Gujarat is a notable market for wood imports and exports as the ports of Mundra and Kandla have emerged as forerunners accelerating economic growth in the region. In order to engage with the wood import community, FII India organized an information session to share creative applications and design possibilities when using Canadian wood. The hour-long interactive seminar focused on wood import and export trends, growth of sawn lumber and the adoption of Canadian wood by large-scale Indian manufacturers. The presentation gave the audience a comprehensive overview of Canadian wood and its possible applications in India.

“It is heartening to note that in spite of the country's fascination with tropical hardwoods, the import of softwoods has been growing steadily from 29% to 38% over the last three years. We have also seen a positive trend in the import of lumber growing from 2% to 10% over the last three years." – Peter Bradfield, FII India Technical Advisor. 

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