Providing a glimpse into the future of furniture manufacturing in India, FII presented a selection of contemporary furnishings at DELHIWOOD 2023, produced by domestic manufacturers using BC wood species.

As the 7th edition of India’s premier trade fair for the woodworking and furniture manufacturing industry, this marked FII India’s sixth time participating at DELHIWOOD.  FII India showcased an impressive display of furniture, wood interiors, and outdoor applications, crafted from various BC wood species, including western hemlock, Douglas-fir, yellow cedar, western red cedar, and S-P-F (Spruce-Pine-Fir). The products on display demonstrated exceptional creativity, design, and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. With over 27,000 visitors and more than 450 exhibitors from around the world, the show was an excellent opportunity for FII India to engage with target audiences and raise awareness of certified wood from BC’s sustainably managed forests.

FII India was part of the Canadian Pavilion, taking a large space alongside the High Commission of Canada and two BC lumber manufacturers. The FII India booth was divided into sections occupied by various renowned Indian manufacturers, showcasing their products made from BC wood, including bedroom furniture, living room furniture, solid wood doors and door frames, wooden sliding doors, outdoor benches, and interior finishings.

The furniture manufacturers who participated with FII India had positive feedback about their experience. One of the key benefits they mentioned was the ability to showcase their pieces and explain to visitors why Canadian wood products are an ideal choice. One specifically noted that BC’s ready-to-use, seasoned, and graded lumber helped to reduce costs while still allowing them to create intricate carvings and turnings in softwood.

During the trade fair, FII India joined a panel of speakers on the topic “Wood in Construction – An Opportunity for a Sustainable Future” as part of the Wood+ in the Architecture and Design conference. The presentation was well-attended by prominent architects and manufacturers from the industry to discuss the nuances of wood applications for the construction and design industries.

One of the show’s attractions, the Furniture and Fittings Skill Council (FFSC) Skill Pavilion, brought together a diverse range of individuals from the industry, with professionals, students, and institutions on a unified platform. The FFSC engaged the audience through a skill competition, with participants working with different materials to create products such as cabinets and outdoor structures. FII India supported the event by providing wood for both the pavilion’s structure and the skill competition, giving those participants an opportunity to work with BC wood species. Over 250 industry partners work with FFSC as “Skill Ambassadors” to be part of the FFSC Regional Skill Chapters across India, cementing the event’s success in connecting individuals and businesses.

FII India also utilized social media channels to amplify their presence at the show—showcasing the BC wood products on display and expanding awareness of the beauty and versatility of BC’s sustainable wood species.