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Aerial perspective of the school’s entrance
Exterior façade of the teachers’ dormitory
Detailed view of the school’s entrance
Entrance to the students’ dormitory
February 2010
Mianyang Special School for the Disabled

The Mianyang Municipality is another area that has seen immense destruction during the earthquake, and left more than 13,000 children and adults permanently disabled. In order to help these victims, the second Canada-B.C. Wenchuan Earthquake Reconstruction Project focuses in building a home for disabled survivors.  

The Mianyang Special School for the Disabled is a 5,700 square meter recovery and rehabilitation centre that attends to the needs of disabled children and provides vocational training for disabled adults. The six-building school includes multi-storey dormitories for students and staff, classrooms, and a cafeteria. The use of light and flexible wood-frame construction makes the structure, in the event of future seismic activity, far less susceptible to severe damage. In 2011, the Mianyang Special School for the Disabled was awarded a gold medal in a major Chinese architectural competition. 

Completed in 2010, the school is currently home to 210 students that have regained a new sense of normalcy and have become contributing members of their community.