FII’s central objective is to identify and pursue opportunities that generate demand for B.C. forest products, further diversifying and strengthening the B.C. economy. To accomplish this objective, FII is mandated to conduct research and deliver and/or facilitate market development activities that help the forest industry capitalize on high potential market opportunities.

Much of the work FII supports is proposed and delivered through third parties in FII’s funding programs – Wood First for programming in B.C., and Market Initiatives for programming in North America outside of B.C. and offshore. Eligible non-profit organisations working on behalf of the B.C. or Canadian wood products industry apply for funding through the Calls for Proposals to support their market development, research, and promotional activities.

This funding is delivered in partnership with the Government of Canada, and the forest industry, to develop and support programs that foster growth and strengthen B.C.’s global competitiveness.

Market Initiatives Funding Program

The Market Initiatives program encourages the development of export markets and new market segments.  Expanding BC’s trade relationships to fast growing markets in Asia helps to diversify the sector, open up new opportunities, and sustains forest sector employment.  Recognizing the longstanding importance of the North American market, the Market Initiatives program also focuses on high potential market segments to grow demand for BC wood products closer to home.  The program works collaboratively with the forest industry, the federal government and the research community, focusing activities and leveraging resources to maximize results.  Market Initiatives focuses on

  • Researching opportunities in emerging and potential future markets, and initiating early market development activities;
  • Supporting industry trade associations in developing and/or expanding markets and market segments for B.C. forest products;
  • Supporting industry efforts to mitigate market access and plant health issues; and
  • Managing outreach and relationship building in China with Chinese authorities and State-owned real estate development companies, and undertaking early market development and profile building in India.

Wood First Funding Program

The Wood First program aims to advance the use of wood building systems and technologies, and raise awareness of the province as a world leader in advanced wood construction and design.

Increased structural and architectural uses of wood offer economic, environmental and social benefits to British Columbia. Greater use of wood from B.C. supports the provincial forest sector through increased employment and revenues, while increasing the use of wood products fosters innovation and the growth of value-added manufacturers. Wood First focuses on

  • Growing a culture of living and building with wood in B.C. and beyond;
  • Maximizing the appropriate use of wood in public and private projects;
  • Strengthening B.C.’s capability to produce competitive wood-based products and building systems that create and respond to market demand;
  • Accelerating adoption of existing and emerging wood-based products and building systems; and
  • Positioning B.C. as a world leader in sustainable and innovative wood-based products and building systems in design, production and application.