FII’s funding programs support market development initiatives that generate demand for B.C. forest products, to help diversify and strengthen the B.C. economy. This funding is typically delivered in partnership with the Government of Canada, and the forest industry, to develop and support programs that foster growth and strengthen B.C.’s and Canada’s global competitiveness.

Eligible non-profit organizations working on behalf of the B.C. or Canadian wood products industry can apply for financial support for market development, research and promotional activities through FII’s annual Calls for Proposals for FII’s funding programs:

    MARKET INITIATIVES (All markets outside of B.C.)

    The Market Initiatives program encourages the development of export markets and new market segments. Priority is placed on creating or expanding new market segments within established markets in China, Japan, South Korea and the U.S., as well as moving to open new, high-potential markets in India and Southeast Asia.



    WOOD FIRST (B.C. market only)​

    The Wood First program advances the use of wood building systems and technologies, and raises awareness of British Columbia as a world leader in advanced wood construction and design.