Eligibility & Process


Program funding is directed to:

  1. Groups or associations representing multi-company interests and serving the objectives of a large geographic area or the majority of producers of a specific species or product category
  2. Academic institutions
  3. Not-for-profit research institutions
  4. First Nations regional Tribal Councils and Indigenous non-profit organizations
  5. B.C. Government Ministries

Preference is given to B.C. organizations, but applications will be accepted from organizations headquartered outside of B.C. where clear and specific benefits to the B.C. industry can be demonstrated.

FII does not provide loans, grants or subsidies. Funding is not meant to support an individual firm’s activities but to benefit sub-sectors or the B.C. forest sector as a whole.



Each year FII manages Calls for Proposals for the Wood First and the Market Initiatives programs, which typically open in late fall. FII produces an application guide and an investment plan specific to each program to assist applicants as they submit proposals.

FII manages all funding applications and successful contracts through a password protected Online Funding System. Eligible applicants can request an account and obtain a username and password to the system.

FII and its Federal funding partners run a joint application and evaluation process. Where applicable, applicants can submit a single and joint proposal to FII and its funding partners through the Online Funding System.




  • Calls for Proposals opens
  • Submission of proposals


  • Review and evaluation of proposals by FII, its funding partners, and independent industry experts
  • Negotiation of final program size, funding, composition
  • Development of Recipient Agreements for successful proposals

FII funding is available on an annual basis and, as such, proposals do not exceed one fiscal year (April to March). FII may run additional calls for new proposals as needed.



Successful applicants will be expected to provide Interim Reports (every four months), and a final Year-End Report, on progress against budget and performance targets through FII’s Online Funding System. FII funding is provided in Interim Advances in line with proposal budgets. Final year-end reconciliation of actual expenditure against budgeted amounts occurs in April at the end of the annual funding cycle.