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Construction of the Yuriagi Public Market in Natori Japan, the second development under the Canada Tohoku Reconstruction Project.
The Canada-Tohoku Reconstruction Project
The Donguri Anne Public Library, Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
The Donguri Anne Public Library, Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
February 2013
Canada Tohoku Reconstruction Project

On March 11, 2011 a 9.0-magnitude earthquake occurred off Japan’s northeast coast in the area of Sendai. The earthquake and resulting tsunami caused mass fatalities, casualties and catastrophic loss of infrastructure. In response to the tragedy, the forest sector and government joined together to donate substantial aid to finance wood frame reconstruction. The Province of B.C. contributed $2 million through FII, the Government of Canada provided $2 million through Natural Resources Canada, the B.C. forest industry donated $460,000, and the Government of Alberta donated $150,000.

Canada Wood Group, acting on behalf of the funding partners, has managed two projects to date, a library and a public market in Natori. The first of these projects, the Donguri Anne Public Library, opened in January 2013. The $725,000 wood-frame building features a wide variety of Canadian wood products, including coastal B.C. hem-fir structural timbers (150x150mm), OSB sheathing, SPF 2x4 structural lumber, coastal B.C. western red cedar decking and exterior siding, value-added hem-fir interior millwork and furniture, and Eastern Canadian solid maple flooring.

A second project, the nearby Yuriage public market was officially opened in May 2013. The $1.67 million project features a 493m2 Canadian Pavilion as well as 14 commercial booths that showcase engineered Douglas-fir beams, decorative cross laminated timber finishing materials, western red cedar decking and siding, and SPF lumber and OSB in structural applications.

Both the Donguri Anne Library and the Yuriage public market projects will serve as permanent showcases for Canadian wood products and applications in Japan, as well as provide the City of Natori with essential social and economic infrastructure as the community struggles to re-build after the disaster.

“It is our hope that the citizens of Natori City will enjoy the use of these beautiful, warm and safe wood frame structures for many years to come and that they positively contribute to the long term economic and social revitalization of the community.” - Minister of International Trade Teresa Wat