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View of the courtyard from the gate
View of the entrance to the cafeteria
Exterior façade of the senior’s lounge
View of the ground floor hallway
July 2011
Beichuan Leigu Town Elderly Care Centre

Before it was destroyed by the earthquake, the Leigu Town Elderly Care Centre in Beichuan County used to provide accommodations for 75 elderly people who did not have children to depend on. The earthquake, a series of aftershocks and repeated flooding in the area left 202 elderlies, and an additional 127 seniors that lost their children during the upheaval, in need of a proper care facility.  

The Beichuan Leigu Town Central Elderly Care Centre is the third project under the Canada-B.C. Wenchuan Earthquake Reconstruction initiative. Construction of the 5,600 square meter centre was completed in 2011 and includes multi-storey residential buildings, clinics, cafeteria, meeting rooms, offices, gardens and outdoor recreational facilities. The design of the centre reflects the cooperative nature of this project, combining Canadian style wood frame construction elements and the Beichuan local Qiang Minority traditional wood frame structures. 

At present, the centre provides a safe and supportive environment for its long-term elderly residents.