Key Markets

British Columbia

B.C. is recognized globally as a leader in the sustainable management of forests, the production of quality wood products and the development of advanced wood construction technologies; however, maintaining our reputation requires ongoing leadership. That is why we continue to provide audiences with consistent, factual information about the environmental pedigree of B.C.’s forest products and the practices that underlie their production. We also help advance wood use in B.C. by supporting innovation in manufacturing, building design and construction through additional marketing, research and training.

United States

The U.S. is B.C.'s largest market for forest products. Last year, FII supported market development activities that sought to expand wood beyond the single-family, residential segment and into multi-family, multi-storey, non-residential construction. Investments also targeted high-value applications such as resort homes, log and timber frame structures, pre-fabricated housing, cabinetry, shakes and shingles, millwork and finishing. Some of our funding recipients focused on advancing the opportunity for wood in mid-rise and taller wood structures, while others positioned cedar in growing market segments by differentiating cedar products from non-wood substitutes. Other activities we funded included promotion, research and the provision of technical support for end users aimed to enhance returns from repair and remodelling opportunities.


China is B.C.’s second-largest market for commodity lumber and a priority market for the B.C. forest industry. With our partners, FII sought to increase the value of B.C. exports by positioning B.C. wood in high-growth, high-value segments. Last year, we encouraged increased wood use in construction and prefabrication by leveraging Chinese government initiatives around construction industrialization and green building. We also prioritized advancing wood use in the tourism and resort sector as well as in China’s wood products manufacturing sector by positioning B.C.’s unique species and the environmental pedigree of Canadian wood products.


B.C. is a leading supplier of wood products to Japan, which remains an important, high-value export destination for B.C. wood products. In 2016/17, FII supported market development activities that sought to expand the opportunity for wood use in non-residential construction, promote innovative building systems (Midply, hybrid 2x4 and post & beam), and promote coastal species in post and beam construction. In pursuit of these strategic objectives, we supported efforts to relax height and size limitations for wood, which our partners achieved through research and testing of wood products. We also supported B.C.’s unique value-added products in Japan and liaised with key stakeholders to monitor and address issues arising from government priorities and domestic programs that could negatively affect demand for B.C. products.

South Korea

South Korea is B.C.’s fifth-largest market for wood products. In 2016/17, FII supported market development activities that sought to expand wood use in single-family homes and townhouses, grow wood’s share in industrialized wood-frame construction, and promote and improve market acceptance of the Canadian Super-E® energy efficient building system. These strategic objectives were supported by efforts to influence the Korean government to align policy with the advantages of building with wood, primarily by adopting wood infill walls as a construction method. To increase the profile of wood as a building material, FII encouraged the development of “showcase” buildings and, in an effort to support B.C.’s value-added sector, directed investments to purse niche opportunities.


The objective of the market development program in India is to augment tropical and domestic hardwood with Canadian softwood, focused on applications for joinery, remanufacturing, furniture production and/or interior finishing. The India team involves a partnership between Forestry Innovation Investment, Natural Resources Canada and the Canada Wood Group. Since 2014, we have pursued a comprehensive market development program involving a mix of research, networking and marketing activities. Additionally, the team encourages commercialization by arranging product trials with manufacturers and securing high-profile demonstration projects with strategic partners.