Corporate Reports


Year in Review (NEW!)

FII's annual Year in Review reports on progress towards achieving its mandate.

Service Plan

FII's annual Service Plan outlines business targets, strategies, and how activities will be tracked and measured in the upcoming fiscal year (April 1 – March 31).

Service Plan Annual Report

FII's Annual Report includes yearly results and detailed financial statements.

Performance Management Framework

FII’s Performance Management Framework provides an overview of the approach that FII is using to monitor, assess and act on performance information at the project, program and corporate levels.

Strategic Plan

FII’s Strategic Plan 2016/ 2017 - 2020/2021 outlines the goals, target outcomes and initiatives that underpin FII’s business planning and delivery through 2020/2021.

Wood First – Highlighting Five Years of Accomplishments

Wood First Highlighting Five Years of Accomplishments 2009-2014 highlights some of the many accomplishments of Wood First over its first five years.

Emerging Markets Report

The Emerging Markets Report provides project updates, news, market data and other information on FII and Canada Wood program activities in China and India.

To view reports from previous years, visit the Archive of Corporate Reports.