Year in Review

The 2018/19 Year in Review highlights activities FII and our industry and government partners have underway to maintain, create and diversify markets for B.C. forest products around the world.

Wood in Hospitality and Tourism

The Pallet Brewhouse and Kitchen in India utilized spruce-pine-fir lumber from B.C. in their interior design. Learn how B.C. wood has been used  in hospitality and tourism venues around the world.

Wood Innovates BC

Wood Innovates BC profiles the latest B.C. expertise, wood design resources, events and workshops to encourage exchange on technological developments, research, building and manufacturing efficiencies and innovations.

Brock Commons Tallwood House

UBC's 18-storey tall wood student residence, Brock Commons, demonstrates B.C.'s leadership in mass timber wood design and construction. Learn how various types of mass timber products are being used across many innovative applications.


FII Image Library

The B.C. forest industry can download and use any of our 3,000+ high-quality professional photographs at no charge.

Wood Innovation and Design Centre

The Wood Innovation and Design Centre (WIDC) was completed in 2014 in Prince George, B.C., and stands at 29.5 metres high (97 feet). There is a growing interest to expand the tall wood building sector in Canada and beyond. 

About Us

Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) is the B.C. Government's market development agency for forest products. We work to strengthen and diversify international markets for B.C. forest products.

B.C. Forests & Markets

Forestry in British Columbia is big business. The forest sector is responsible for 36% of B.C.’s total exports ($13.9 billion). Forestry related activities directly support over 7,000 businesses and employ nearly 60,000 people.

Investment and Funding

FII supports third-party programs that meet strategic priorities identified through consultation with industry and through independent research into trends and opportunities in global markets.


We publish trends, data and other research to assist the B.C. forest industry in being more competitive.

Available Tools

We have developed a variety of research, video footage, case studies, factsheets and imagery for use by B.C. forest companies and associations to assist with marketing efforts at all levels.

Spotlight News

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