Kapur Villa Demonstration Project

FII India recently completed the first commercial demonstration project using BC wood, Kapur Villa. The Villa features Douglas-fir in both structural and appearance applications.

Building up with wood

Advances in wood product and building systems in BC are creating opportunities for larger structures.

Brock Commons Phase 1

UBC's 18-storey innovative tall wood building is under construction. The building, a new student residence, is scheduled to be finished in the fall of 2017 and will house approximately 400 students. 

Dream Home Canada (DHC)

The Dream Home Canada (DHC) serves not only as a showcase for British Columbia wood products and construction technology; it is also the consolidated home offices of FII China and the Canada Wood Group.

Leading forest management practices

British Columbia is recognized as a global leader in sustainable forest management, meeting the environmental, social and economic needs of current and future generations.

About FII

Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) is the B.C. Government's market development agency for forest products. FII works to strengthen and diversify international markets for B.C. forest products.

B.C. Forests & Markets

Forestry in British Columbia is big business. The forest sector is responsible for 35% of B.C.’s total exports ($12.4 billion). Forestry related activities directly support over 7,000 businesses and employ over 60,000 people.


FII publishes trends, data and other research available to assist the B.C. forest industry in being more competitive.

Investment & Funding

FII supports third party programs that meet strategic priorities identified through consultation with industry and through independent research into trends and opportunities in global markets.

Available Tools

FII has developed a variety of research, video footage, case studies, forest factsheets and imagery for use by B.C. forest companies and associations to assist with marketing efforts at all levels.

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