• Develop deconstructable hybrid connections for the next generation of mass timber prefabricated buildings – this phase tests a full-scale mockup of a shear wall.
  • Produce testing data on steel-timber composite floors to support design guidance, standards and codes.
  • Develop design guidelines for large-span timber-based composite floor systems for high-rise office buildings – this phase studies the effect of concrete toppings and the connection between the composite floor with concrete/streel columns or beams.
  • Deliver educational programs to explore and convey advanced wood processing solutions, such as industrial robotics, mixed reality wood fabrication and prefabrication in wood and mass timber assemblies.
  • Organize a BC tour to visit prominent mass-timber and prefabricated building system manufacturers.
  • Design, engineer, prototype, test and conduct cost-benefit analyses to support value-added manufacturers in the development of new wood products.
  • Develop an online platform and organize a series of networking meetings to foster collaboration between manufacturers and industrial designers in various subsectors of the value-added wood industry.
  • Organize a prefabrication in wood symposium to bring together architects, engineers and fabricators focusing on: 1) architectural innovation, 2) structural engineering considerations and 3) integrated manufacturing processes and technologies.

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