After a two-year pause on in-person events and tradeshows due to COVID-19, Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) India participated in IndiaWood 2022—showcasing a variety of B.C. species and applications in front of local target audiences.

IndiaWood is known as one of the country’s leading exhibitions for the wood in manufacturing (WIM) industry, highlighting the latest technologies in furniture manufacturing and wood working and bringing together 1,000s of architects, interior designers, carpenters and manufacturers.

To demonstrate the advantages of using B.C. wood products, FII India’s event booth featured western hemlock, Douglas-fir, yellow cedar, western red cedar and spruce-pine-fir within a range of furniture, interior and outdoor applications as well as windows, doors and door frames. FII India worked with five local manufacturers leading up to the show to design and produce this unique range of finished products using B.C. species. Over the five days of the exhibition, the FII India booth saw more than 5,000 delegates, producing over 770 potential leads who indicated interest in trialing B.C. species.

A social media campaign was launched before the show to educate and engage followers. During and after IndiaWood, promotional content continued to be disseminated through social channels, including a booth video tour, product images and testimonials, highlighting FII India’s presence at the event and further leveraging the connections and brand awareness generated through the exhibition.

Participating in major wood sector events such as IndiaWood provides a platform for the FII India team to further expand awareness of the advantages of using B.C. species in manufacturing applications while building important connections with key players in the local WIM segment.



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