FII India works closely with local designers and manufacturers, building relationships and positioning B.C. species as a sustainable alternative to traditional hardwoods within India’s furniture sector.

In 2020, FII India began working with Bramola Furniture–a high-end furniture manufacturer in Delhi–to develop an exclusive range of furniture using B.C. species. After becoming familiar with the favourable working properties of Canadian wood products through this trial, Bramola Furniture recently leveraged this experience to suggest spruce-pine-fir (S-P-F) as a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to teak wood for furniture applications within a senior living and wellness project.

The project is called Eden Senior Living & Wellness, located in Dehradun, and will consist of 107 units across two, 10-storey towers. The residences–set for completion in December 2022–will cater to seniors looking for a more relaxed lifestyle with a focus on preventative and holistic care and wellness. Bramola Furniture provided a furniture sample to the project designer–Abaxas Lifestyle–to demonstrate how S-P-F could be used to create aesthetically appealing furniture styles for the project.

Impressed with S-P-F’s high strength-to-weight ratio, the designer and developer agreed to use S-P-F furniture using distress finish within the project display unit. The FII India team then provided technical assistance and guidance throughout the project to help familiarize the design and development teams with the workability of Canadian S-P-F.

S-P-F was used in a variety of furniture in the display unit including beds, dining tables, bookshelves, side tables and closets. The response to the furniture has been extremely positive and Bramola has already started receiving orders. In addition, Bramola Furniture and Abaxas Lifestyle are receiving interest in Canadian wood from clients for future projects.

Through education and relationship building with local manufacturers such as Bramola Furniture, as well as designers and developers, the FII India team continues to showcase the favourable properties of B.C. wood products, helping to solidify B.C. species as the product of choice for current and future projects across India.


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