Michael Loseth

President and CEO

Under Michael’s leadership, FII works collaboratively with the forest industry and key stakeholders to position British Columbia and the B.C. forest sector within the global marketplace. Evaluating market dynamics and emerging global trends, Michael ensures that FII investments are guided by comprehensive strategies that reflect current realities.  Developing strategic partnerships and leveraging resources, Michael ensures that FII’s programs maximize the benefits to the industry, and the government’s broader interests for the forest sector. In addition to leading FII’s BC Team, Michael is the Executive Director of FII’s China subsidiary and Chair of the Board for FII’s India subsidiary.

Michael has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of British Columbia and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and an Undergraduate Degree in Political Science from Carleton University in Ottawa.  Michael has over 24 years’ experience leading and delivering government programs, almost exclusively focused on the forest sector.  Michael has considerable experience and knowledge of international markets, with a special focus on Asia Pacific.


Phone: 604-685-7507
Email: loseth@bcfii.ca

Doug Greig

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Doug Greig provides leadership, business discipline and corporate direction to the financial and administrative operations of the company. Doug assists in the establishment of strategic and performance targets and helps manage the organization of resources to accomplish annual and long-range goals. Doug is responsible for developing and improving financial, human resource, information technology and administrative controls, policies and procedures for the offices in Vancouver B.C., Shanghai, China and Mumbai, India. Doug endeavours to continually improve the accountability and transparency to the management of risk, internal financial and operational controls, as well as the protection of assets. Doug is a member of the Board of Directors of the company’s subsidiary in India and is the Board Supervisor for the company’s subsidiary in China.


Phone: 604-601-5301
Email: doug.greig@bcfii.ca

Sonya Zeitler Fletcher

Vice President, Market Development

Sonya leads domestic and international marketing and communications strategies that encourage wood as a primary choice for construction and daily living, while expanding North American and overseas market recognition of B.C.’s and Canada’s world-class forest practices and products. Working closely with an array of stakeholders, including forest-sector companies, trade associations, research institutes, and government agencies, Sonya aligns marketing and communications initiatives on forest practices and reputation, product innovations and wood building solutions, as well as drives priorities around issues and brand challenges in the marketplace.


Phone: 604-601-5305
Email: sonya.zeitlerfletcher@bcfii.ca

Bruce St. John

Vice President, International Marketing

Bruce St. John is responsible for informing the strategy to position the B.C. forest sector in the global marketplace. This includes assessing trends and developing business opportunities that have the potential to expand export markets for B.C. forest products and building solutions. Bruce supports FII’s mandate by assessing risks, influencing decisions and providing effective counsel in global marketplace activities. In support of stakeholder relations, Bruce interacts with senior-level provincial, federal and international government representatives and key forest industry stakeholders to achieve corporate and sector objectives. When in international markets, Bruce represents the company and the Province of British Columbia as it relates to FII programming and forest sector activities.

Phone: 604-601-5303
Email: bruce.st.john@bcfii.ca