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Infographic of wood's perceived strengths.
Infographic of wood's perceived strengths.
September 2015
Wood Use Perception Survey says wood favored structural material

To obtain a current understanding of their views and preferences regarding wood use in buildings in B.C., FII surveyed two key audience groups: 1) specifiers (architects, engineers, developers and builders), and 2) the public.

We surveyed specifiers to:

  • measure designers’ propensity to specify wood architecturally and structurally,
  • identify the key drivers that influence designers’ material choices, and
  • identify the relative preference between major building materials.

We surveyed the general public to:

  • measure consumer preferences relative to wood for facility use, shelter, furnishings, and everyday objects,
  • gauge the current limits of the general public’s understanding of wood use, as well as perceptions as they relate to B.C.’s level of expertise and global reputation as a supplier of wood products and expertise, and
  • identify the key drivers that influence consumers’ material choices.

Key findings:

  • Over the last five years, 24% of specifiers surveyed have used more wood in the design of the structures for multi-family construction and 37% for non-residential construction.
  • Wood continues to be the preferred structural material for multi-family buildings in B.C.
  • The general public perceives the top three strengths of wood as being aesthetic, easily workable, and salvageable.
  • 88% of the general public continues to feel that wood is an important part of our history in B.C.
  • Designers perceive the top three strengths of wood as good for environment, aesthetic, and available.