The Canadian Consulate in Shanghai hosted a seminar on Green Building technology in cooperation with Landsea Group. The event took place at Landsea Group’s office in Shanghai and was attended by 40 people. Attendees included local and foreign design professionals, product suppliers, and consulate staff. Seminar attendees gave a total of 11 presentations.  

FII China was invited by the Canadian Consulate to speak about the incorporation of Wood Frame Construction in Green Buildings. A presentation, approximately 20 minutes in length, was given by FII.  The presentation included the basic concepts of light wood and heavy timber construction, and the environmental benefits of building with wood, and illustrated UBC’s Earth Science Building as a case study for wood frame construction in a large scale Green Building project. Canada Wood Group also presented topics related to future trends in Wood Frame Construction. This included the development of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), high strength connection technology, and the feasibility of high rise wood buildings. The research and development of Canadian wood codes and standards was also discussed. 

Presentations by B+H Architects, Landsea Design institute, and China Academy of Building Research indicated a strong commitment to Green Building Technology. These firms also appeared to be interested in developing future green building projects.