This project has created fundamental knowledge needed to develop cross laminated MPB engineered wood products-Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) which can be made into high performance walls and floor elements for use in low-rise commercial, multi-family residential and single family residential market.

Following aspects have been studied by UBC TEAM group:

1. Relationship between production variables of species / adhesive / wood quality with product performance

No. 2 and better beetle killed Lodgepole pine and lower grade (L3 and Reject, according to NLGA grading rule) plus undersize Hemlock have been used to manufacture CLT plate specimens. Two different adhesives, i.e. Poly-Urethane (PU) and Phenol Resorcinol Formaldehyde (PRF), have been studied to face bond adjacent layers. MOE values of each individual board have been measured from non-destructive vibration test. CLT specimens have been subjected to three types of tests: third point bending test, vibration test and creep test. Meanwhile, mechanical properties, such as MOE and bending strength, have been obtained through 3rd point bending test. Natural frequencies have been calculated from the vibration test data. The test result shows excellent structural performance and creep has very small effect on the specimens under the current load condition.

2. Design applications of a mid-rise CLT building and a multistory hybrid building in two case studies

Two buildings – a 4 storey mid-rise office structure and a multistory CLT/Concrete hybrid residential structure have been designed architecturally and structurally by engaged architects and engineers (RJC Consulting Engineers). A small one storey demonstration house used for iHouse 2010 Winter Olympic has been built with MPB CLT panels as floor and wall elements. Advantages and disadvantages of these building systems has been identified and discussed.

3. Technology transfer via the delivery of technical seminars to the design community Three technical seminars have been held by TEAM Group at UBC Wood Science Department. More than 20 experts from Europe participated in the seminars and shared their advanced wood technical knowledge in CLT field.

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