FII China and Canada Wood China jointly organized a Chinese New Year Stakeholder Appreciation Gala on Feb 10th, 2015. Attendees included government officials, real estate developers, architects, people in academia and other guests.  

This year, FII China and Canada Wood China announced their plans of closer collaboration on a collective China strategy, and the stakeholder gala is the first event organized under this new framework. The event demonstrated the commitment between the two organizations to work alongside each other in a seamless manner.

Also in attendance were four executives from CW and FII namely Michael Loseth, Rick Jeffery, Paul Newman, and Barry Ford, and representatives from the Consulate General of Canada in Shanghai. 

Mr. Loseth and Mr. Jeffery opened the gala with speeches that highlighted the significance of the collective China strategy, and reiterated British Columbia government’s and the forest industry’s commitment to the Chinese market.

Mr. Xu Shiliang, the senior Director of the Shanghai Housing Bureau also extended his appreciation for FII China’s long term cooperation with Shanghai Construction Authorities. FII China and the Shanghai Construction Authorities have collaborated on promoting and implementing innovative green building wood frame construction technologies in Shanghai.

Dr. Xu Qiang, the Chief Engineer of the Shanghai Institute of Building Sciences was invited to give a keynote presentation on the future of Green Building Real Estate and the role of wood frame construction in this field.

FII China and Canada Wood China are committed to working ever closer together, and look forward to making greater inroads within the China market in the years to come.