The “Architect Outreach Program”, a joint initiative between FII China and Canada Wood China, held in Chengdu and Hangzhou was attended by more than 250 architects from design institutions, developers, academics, and local government officials. The theme of the seminar focused around the feasibility of wood frame and heavy timber applications in China. 

Both speakers are structural engineers with extensive experience and knowledge with working with wood. Mr. CC Yao, a principal at a Canadian consulting firm, Read Jones Christoffersen, and Mr. Reed Kelterborn, a technical advisor at FII China, gave compelling case studies of projects in China that have utilized wood in innovative ways.  

The seminars marked FII China and Canada Wood China’s third collaboration in bringing together industry experts that support increasing wood frame applications in China. The “Architect Outreach Program” receives great support from the Zhejiang MOHURD, the China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute, China Codes and Standards Timber Design Management Committee, and Canadian Trade office in Chengdu, the Hangzhou MOC and School of Architecture of Zhejiang University.