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Exterior view from the main street
Aerial perspective of the completed roof
View of roof covered in SBS waterproofing membrane
View of wood truss bracing
December 2007
Nanjing and Shanghai Roof Renovation Projects

Wood truss roof renovati ons initiatives in Shanghai proved wood frame structures to be a practical, cost competitive solution to roof renovations for old low-rise concrete buildings in C hina. These roof renovation projects demonstrated the viability of using wood trusses and led to the successful implementation of many commercial wood truss renovation projects in numerous districts in Shanghai including, Hongkou, Putuo, Luwan, and Huangpu. The Shanghai Roof Renovation projects not only were well received by local authorities and residents, but also set technical precedent on wood truss applications.

The success of the Shanghai renovati on projects had local authorities from the neighbouring Jiangsu Province show great interest in the system. In 2008, the signing of the MOU agreement between FII China, the Jiangsu Institute of Architectural Science and the Nanjing Housing Bureau, saw the implementation of the first wood truss renovation project in the city of Nanjing.