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Exterior view from the main street
Detailed view of the exterior façade
View during the construction phase
View during the construction phase
March 2013
Jinqiao Townhouse Project

The Jinqiao Townhouse Project is the first of its kind in China: an all wood frame multi-storey, multi-family complex that does not require the same amount of space as a traditional single family home. Located in Shanghai’s Pudong New District, the project is part of “Green City” concept envisioned by its developers. During its design development stage, Canada Wood China, FII China and the developer worked together to create sustainable and energy efficient wood-frame townhouses that caters to the needs of international and local residents in the area. The project consists of 133 Western-style townhouse units that measures 330 square meters each. Aside from the various advantages of using wood-frame, the light weight feature of wood allows construction of multi-storey buildings to discard the extensive pile foundation, making the project more cost-effective. 

Completed in 2013, the Jinqiao Multi-Storey, Multi-Family Townhouses provide pleasant, spacious and family-oriented living conditions that demonstrate wood as an effective solution suited for quality of life.