Market Initiatives

The Market Initiatives program encourages the development of export markets and new market segments. Expanding B.C.’s trade relationships to fast growing markets in Asia helps diversify the sector, open up new opportunities and sustains forest sector employment. Recognizing the longstanding importance of the North American market, FII is also prepared to invest in high-potential market segments to grow demand for B.C. wood products closer to home.

The majority of effort and investment under the program is focused on advancing opportunities in existing markets such as China, Japan, South Korea, India and the U.S., where the greatest short- and medium-term opportunities exist for the sector. Most of these market development efforts are delivered by forest sector trade associations, with cost-shared funding support from FII, the Federal Government and industry.



  • Position British Columbia as a global supplier of world-class environmentally friendly forest products
  • Actively maintain, create and diversify demand for B.C. forest products in Canada and in key world markets
  • Help break down non-tariff trade and market barriers to ensure opportunities for B.C. forest products
  • Work with the forest industry to promote B.C.’s forest products and forest management to the global marketplace
  • Help ensure that the forest sector continues to be a leading contributor to the B.C. economy


For more information on annual program and funding priorities see 2021/22 Market Initiatives Investment Strategy.