Funding Priorities

FII funded projects directly relate to priorities for the B.C. forest industry and Government. These priorities are developed in consultation with the B.C. forest industry, and through research into emerging trends and opportunities in global markets.

Direction regarding funding priorities is provided by the Minister of International Trade, and the FII Ltd. Board of Directors. Additional input is provided via market research and wide consultation with senior industry representatives, and trade associations. Funding priorities are further detailed in the Wood First Investment Plan, and the Market Initiatives Investment Strategy published each year (see Applicant Resources).


For Market Initiatives funding the key objectives are:

  • Position British Columbia as a global supplier of world-class environmentally friendly forest products;
  • Actively maintain, create and diversify demand for B.C. forest products in Canada and in key world markets;
  • Help break down non-tariff trade and market barriers to ensure opportunities for B.C. forest products;
  • Work with the forest industry to promote B.C.’s forest products and forest management to the global marketplace; and
  • Help ensure that the forest sector, through product development and strong international sales, continues to be a leading contributor to the B.C. economy.


For the Wood First funding the key objectives are:

  • Grow the culture of living and building with wood in B.C. and beyond;
  • Maximize the appropriate use of wood in public and private projects;
  • Strengthen B.C.’s capacity to produce competitive wood-based products and building systems that create and respond to market demand;
  • Accelerate adoption of existing and emerging wood-based products and building systems ; and
  • Position B.C. as a world leader in sustainable and innovative wood-based products and building systems in design, production, and application.