Calls for Proposals

“Requests for proposals” (RFP) and “Requests for qualifications" (RFQ) are found on the Contract and Employment Opportunities page under “About FII”. This page relates to the Market Initiatives and Wood First Calls for Proposals only.

The 2018/19 Call for Proposals for Market Initiatives Program funding has been opened on Nov 3, 2017. The closing date and time has been changed from Dec 12, 2017 (23:59pm PST) to Dec 22, 2017 (17:00pm PST).

The 2018/19 Call for Proposals for Wood First Program funding has been opened on Nov 3, 2017. The closing date and time of Dec 12, 2017 (23:59pm PST) remains unchanged.

New applicants for FII funding are encouraged to set up a user account to review the details of the Call for Proposals, and submit a proposal through the online Funding Management System. 

ALL applicants are strongly encouraged to carefully review the updated Application Guides for both the Market Initiatives program & Wood First program, along with the Market Initiatives Investment Strategy, Wood First Investment Plan and the Wood First Strategic Plan.

Please note all funding proposals in the Wood First Program must be complete and submitted through the on-line system by 23:59 Pacific Time, December 12, 2017.

Please note all funding proposals in the Market Initiatives Program must be completed and submitted through the on-line system by 17:00 Pacific Time, December 22, 2017.

Proposals will be evaluated against standardized criteria to ensure they meet program eligibility requirements.  An evaluation panel made up of representatives from the funding organization (s) and independent experts will review and rank all proposals submitted through the Online Funding System.  The evaluation process will be monitored by the BC Government’s Purchasing Services Branch to ensure that the evaluation is fair, equitable, and objective.

The panel will provide recommendations for funding to FII’s Chief Executive Officer for final review and decision.  All proponents will be advised of their evaluation outcome by early February 2018 and FII staff will work with successful proponents to negotiate Recipient Agreements that will govern their program for that year.

FII reserves the right to modify the terms of these Calls for Proposals any time at its sole discretion.  This includes the right to cancel these Calls for Proposals at any time prior to entering into a Contract with successful Applicants.  These Calls for Proposals should not be construed as an agreement to purchase goods or services or provide project funding.  FII is not bound to enter into a Recipient Agreement with the Applicant who submits the lowest priced proposal, nor with any Applicant. Notwithstanding any other provision of these Calls for Proposals, FII may cancel, modify or amend these Calls for Proposals.