Technical/Environmental Research

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Title Authorsort descending Date Reports Area
Guideline on Building Code Approaches for Podium Structures
FP Innovations, Geoff W. Triggs, Equilibrium
2015 Wood Building Systems, Performance
Considerations for Detailing the Closure Penetration and Gypsum Fire Separation Wall Interface
FP Innovations, GHL Consultants Ltd.
2015 Wood Building Systems, Performance
Structural Considerations for Frame Supported Gypsum Area Separation Firewalls
FP Innovations, GHL Consultants Ltd., Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
2015 Wood Building Systems, Performance
Seismic Analysis of Wood-Frame Buildings on Concrete Podium
FP Innovations, Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
2015 Wood Building Systems, Performance
Use of Computer Fire Modelling to Support Alternative Solutions - Wood In-fill Wall and Cladding Materials
FP Innovations, Sereca Fire Consulting Ltd., Geoff W. Triggs
2015 Wood Building Systems, Performance
Wood Usage in Non-Residential and Multifamily Construction in British Columbia - 2009 Benchmark
2011 Wood Building Systems
Assessment of Combustibility Parameters of Structural Composite Lumber
2014 Performance
Adaption of a Fire Risk Index Method to Canadian Mid-Rise Residential Buildings
2013 Performance
Initiation of Field Tests to Evaluate the Performance of Commercial Penetrating Stains
2013 Sign in to view this report Performance
Investigation of Fire Performance of CLT Manufactured with Thin Laminates
2016 Performance