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Brock Commons Phase 1: Overview
Educational materials highlight technologies used in Brock Commons

In 2016/17, Brock Commons was featured in 257 print and online articles in 32 countries while the FII-produced time-lapse video of Brock Commons has received over 100,000 YouTube views.

May 2016
Educational materials highlight technologies used in Brock Commons

To communicate learnings from this leading-edge project, FII developed factsheets, case studies, education modules and a time-lapse video. The most popular downloads from our information resource and YouTube channel featured Brock Commons and were picked up by local and international TV, print and radio outlets. We also supported the Brock Commons Education and Outreach Centre—an interactive, on-site classroom that hosted 1,300 design and construction professional people last year.

Various case studies, factsheets and presentation modules document lessons learned during the planning and construction phases. These materials demonstrate to local and international audiences—including owners, designers, engineers, builders, regulators and policy-makers—the feasibility and marketability of mass timber systems in North American mid- and high-rise construction. Download these resources as well as many other B.C. building profi les at

The Brock Commons Education and Outreach Centre hosted 1,300 architects, engineers, developers and regulators from B.C. and around the world to view models, mock-ups and information on mass timber and hybrid construction