Caring for Elderly with Wood
October 2016Japan
Marketing efforts continue to raise awareness of Canada’s sustainable forest practices and the benefits of building with wood

Key publications have been updated and thousands of pieces have been printed and distributed by Canada Wood including Canada’s Sustainable Forest Products, SPF Products and Caring for Elderly with Wood, among others.

Progress made in market for platform-frame construction
May 2016Japan
Progress made in market for platform-frame construction

During the past year, Canada Wood Group made significant progress opening up the market for five and six-storey platform-frame construction (PFC) wooden mid-rise buildings in Japan. New market research has identified opportunities in the midrise and hotel segments that could generate an additional 250,000 m3 annually of new forest products demand.

Canada is Japan's leading supplier of wood pellets
May 2016Japan
Canada continues as leading supplier of wood pellets to Japan

Demand for wood pellets in Japan has jumped from 65,000 (2012) to 350,000 tonnes per year (2016), with Canada supplying 80% of the market.

Fire ratings achieved, opening new opportunities for mid-rise structures
May 2016Japan
Fire ratings achieved, opening new opportunities for mid-rise structures

For the first time, Canada Wood Group and its in-market partners have achieved a two-hour fire rating for wood-based assemblies.

Fire tests in Japan
May 2016Japan
New fire ratings allow for taller wood buildings

In 2016, Canada Wood and the Japan 2x4 Home Builders Association jointly obtained a series of fi ve two-hour "fireproof" approvals from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for 2x4 exterior walls, standard and double Midply partition walls, party walls and fl oor assemblies. 

The 2x4 demonstration project incorporates fireproof features, a double midply wall system and other innovations.
March 2016Japan
Japan builds first six-storey two-by-four demonstration project

Completed in March 2016, and following efforts to obtain two-hour fireproof approvals, Japan completed a six-storey, two-by-four demonstration project (funded by the Japanese government), which shows the viability of six storey, two-by-four, mid-rise structures made entirely from wood by incorporating “fireproof” features, a double-Midply wall system and other innovations.

January 2016Japan
Largest-ever Japanese wood building now under construction

Wood building technology developed in B.C. is key to the design of a new elderly care facility now under construction in Japan.


November 2015Japan
Strong Year for Approvals of 2x4 Fireproof Structures in Japan

The Japan 2x4 Home Builder Association reported another strong year for fireproof building approvals with 275 applications being processed for a combined total floor area of 88,240 m² for the fiscal year 2014.

March 2015Japan
B.C. lumber industry celebrates 40 years in Japan

Delegates from B.C.’s 2014 forest sector trade mission to Asia helped celebrate the 40th anniversary of Canada Wood and COFI establishing a presence in Japan.


August 2014Japan
Japan Home and Building Show

More than 40,000 industry visitors had the opportunity to learn about B.C.’s innovative wood products and building systems at the Japan Home and Building Show in Tokyo.

July 2014Japan
Trade shows maintain visibility for the value-added segment in Japan

BC Wood Specialities Group coordinates trade show activities in Japan on behalf of Canada Wood Group and uses eye-catching displays to build traffic and consumer interest.


February 2014Japan
Proposed largest-ever Japanese wood building features Canadian wall design

Wood building technology developed in B.C. has played a key role in the design of a proposed new elderly care facility in Japan.

February 2014Japan
Canada Wood and partners celebrate the opening of the Jericho Centre Project

On February 12, 2014, Canada Wood celebrated the opening of the Jericho Support Centre in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture.


July 2013Japan
Canada Tohoku Reconstruction Project opens third building

The third of four buildings under the $4.6 million Canada-Tohoku Reconstruction Project opened this past summer in Japan.

February 2013Japan
Canada Tohoku Reconstruction Project

On March 11, 2011 a 9.0-magnitude earthquake occurred off Japan’s northeast coast in the area of Sendai. The earthquake and resulting tsunami caused mass fatalities, casualties and catastrophic loss of infrastructure. 

February 2013Japan
Canada Wood Group attracts attention to new segment for SPF construction in Japan

Increasing awareness of the use of SPF in post-and-beam design was achieved through displays at trade events such as at the Japan Kenzai Fair in 2013.