October 2016United States
Marketing campaigns focus on maintaining and growing western red cedar’s share of the U.S. market
reThink Wood
September 2016United States
reThink Wood continues to position wood as a preferred building material across the U.S.

FII continues to collaborate with the U.S.-based Softwood Lumber Board to deliver the reThink Wood marketing and communication program. reThink Wood is the go-to resource in the U.S. for inspiration, information and technical resources about lumber and wood.

UMass Design Building
September 2016United States
Access to technical support leads to 255 project conversions

To influence conversions (from other construction materials to wood), WoodWorks provided free one-on-one project assistance in 10 regions across the country.

BC Wood attends trade show in the U.S.
June 2016United States
Tradeshows and missions help drive sales, increase product value and convert projects to wood

Several funding recipients attended conferences, trade shows, workshops and lunch and learns across the U.S. to deliver wood industry messaging, research and other information.

March 2016United States
Western red cedar executes comprehensive promotion program

In addition to using established promotional tools such as The Cedar Book and print advertising, the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association (WRCLA) has integrated innovative product placement in reality TV shows and has produced “how-to” YouTube videos.

WoodWorks helped determine the code path for developers of The Deco, a five-storey wood-frame construction project (over one storey of concrete) in Stamford, Connecticut.
February 2016United States
Project conversion efforts lead to increased wood sales

The US WoodWorks program, which is focused on converting buildings that would have used a construction material other than wood, reported 227 project conversions leading to $163 million in incremental wood sales.

The Radiator building
February 2016United States
Wood Design Awards celebrate excellence in non-residential and multi-storey wood design

WoodWorks awarded The Radiator building with the 2016 Wood Design Award for multi-storey wood design. PATH Architecture, Munzing Structural Engineering and Kaiser Group Inc. completed the 36,000 square foot, five-story office building in Portland, Oregon in 2015.


Growing demand for wood – reThink Wood and the North American wood products industry
December 2015United States
Growing demand for wood – reThink Wood and the North American wood products industry

In 2015, reThink Wood communications reached millions of people in the US, including nearly 114,000 architects, engineers, and specifiers. More than 11,600 architects and engineers took tests and course hours on one or more of reThink Wood’s continuing education units (CEUs).

July 2015United States
Growing demand for wood - reThink Wood

FII continued to cost-share and deliver the reThink Wood program in partnership with the SLB to promote and increase awareness of structural and appearance softwood lumber products among architects, engineers, and developers in the US multi-family and non-residential markets.

Report: Wood outperforms steel in “big box store” applications
July 2015United States
Report: Wood outperforms steel in “big box store” applications

Many US apartments are wood-frame; however, wood structures are far less common in other code-permitting applications, including the sub-category known as “big-box” retail. To illustrate the advantages of building with wood, WoodWorks commissioned two studies, one cost comparison and one life cycle assessment, on the same big box project designed in steel vs. wood. Visit www.woodworks.org for the full report.

April 2015United States
Cost and versatility drive conversion to wood

The sleek, contemporary exterior of the Stella project in Marina del Rey, California, gives little indication of the wood framing inside.

March 2015United States
Integrated Design Building at University of Massachusetts (Non-Residential)

When the University of Massachusetts (UMass) decided to combine its Architecture + Design, Building and Construction Technology, Landscape Architecture, and Regional Planning departments into a new integrated design building, it presented a significant opportunity for wood use.

January 2015United States
International Builder’s Show, Las Vegas

With construction activity growing in many regions across the US, eight member companies and the BC Wood Specialties Group reported a particularly successful International Builder’s Show.


November 2014United States
Five-story multi-family construction - Crescent Terminus

3.1 million board feet (equivalent) of wood products were used in the five-story wood-frame buildings that make up Crescent Terminus’ 355 units. It takes US and Canadian forests 16 minutes to grow this much wood.

September 2014United States
BC Wood helps lumber producers catch the rising wave in the US

Exhibiting at the North American Wholesale Lumber Association’s annual Trader’s Market is a tradition for B.C. companies. 

May 2014United States
First all-wood school in West Virginia

The U.S. WoodWorks team provided valuable support and advice in the designing of Franklin Elementary School, the first all-wood school in West Virginia.


May 2013United States
reThink Wood grows demand for North American wood products

Architects and engineers are the primary audience for the reThink Wood program, a comprehensive, fact-based, and peer-driven pro-wood outreach effort across North America.

April 2013United States
Non-residential Market - US WoodWorks Program helps to broaden use of CLT

With increasing interest among engineers and architects in the U.S. regarding cross-laminated timber (CLT), the US WoodWorks program is helping to broaden use of CLT.