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The Brock Commons student residence is a first of its kind tall wood building under construction at the University of British Columbia. The building is scheduled to be finished in the summer of 2017 and will house approximately 400 students.

Funded by FII, the UBC Brock Commons Education and Outreach Centre was opened in the spring of 2016 adjacent to the construction site. It serves as a research and information hub where visitors from across the globe can learn about the design and construction of the project. It includes scale models, examples of innovative wood products used in construction, as well as information on mass timber products, wood design, and building with wood. As of September, 2016, the centre had hosted approximately 800 visitors including architects, engineers, construction and real estate developers, forest industry representatives, academics, government representatives and trade associations from Canada, the US, Singapore, Norway, Germany, Austria, India, Japan, Italy and Australia.