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Because of issues around densification and urbanization, communities and builders are increasingly under pressure to create better-performing buildings, reduce construction waste and meet time and budget constraints.

FPInnovations undertook an industry survey to better assess the opportunities and barriers related to market acceptance of prefabrication. The survey identified the following opportunities for prefabricated buildings:

  • Prefabrication creates high-quality buildings
  • Prefabrication is good for the economy
  • Prefabrication can provide steady employment
  • Opportunities for prefabrication currently exist in the marketplace
  • Some production capabilities are in place

Prefabrication can help deliver buildings that meet these criteria; however, at present, prefabrication is not being used to its fullest potential. Results suggest that by taking action in certain areas, industry and/or government can increase adoption of prefabrication. Actions include promoting innovation, improving products through research, promoting best practices, providing guidance, and generally supporting the prefabrication industry.