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In October, 2015 FII India participated in Mumbai Wood to showcase the versatility of Canadian wood species. The FII India booth featured lumber samples, product applications and finished products. “Canadian Wood” received extensive on-site branding through exclusive logo presence on entryways, lanyards given to each visitor and visitor bags containing collateral on Canadian Wood.


In February, 2016, FII India participated in IndiaWood 2016. Held in Bengaluru, IndiaWood is the largest annual wood products tradeshow in the country. To highlight the versatility and aesthetics of Canadian wood, FII India and B.C. companies created several “experience zones”. The first, a full-size gazebo made of western red cedar, was installed outside the exhibition hall to promote western red cedar for exterior and outdoor applications. The second, the Canada Pavilion – a customized 126 m2 indoor booth – featured interactive audio-visual kiosks, product applications created by southern Indian manufacturers and a lumber wall featuring various lumber grades and sizes. Douglas fir and yellow cedar was donated to Michael Weinig AG, a leading manufacturer of solid wood machinery. The wood not only showcased the machinery, but also highlighted the machinability of Canadian species, increasing its visibility at the tradeshow.

In addition to a booth presence, FII India also delivered an informational seminar during IndiaWood to a group of 120 practicing architects from across the country.