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Significant advancements were made in 2015/16 with respect to Chinese government policies that favour wood and wood construction. These policies not only signal government priorities related to construction opportunities for wood, but also direct lower levels of government to act on these policies. Canada Wood China’s market development priorities continue to align with those of China’s central government.

In August, 2015 MOHURD and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued the Action Plan on Promoting Green Building Material: Manufacturing and Application. The Plan promotes wood construction by emphasizing the need to: enhance the application of wood construction in low-rise government-funded facilities including schools and senior centres; encourage the application of multistorey wood-steel and wood-concrete hybrid buildings; promote the use of wood in resorts; and promote wood construction in rural communities and elsewhere.

In October, 2015 MOHURD released the Notice on Application for 2016 Construction Industrialization Demo Project, which gives priority to residential construction using wood.

In February, 2016 the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and MOHURD released the Action Plan on Urban Adaptation to Climate Change, which aims to: build 30 climate-friendly demonstration cities and increase the percentage of buildings with green building credentials to 50% by 2020. Activities identified under the Plan include accelerating construction industrialization; promoting hybrid structures particularly in earthquake-prone regions; and promoting wood structures in low-rise government funded public facilities.

Also in February, the Central Committee of China’s Communist Party State Council released Opinions on Further Enhancing Urban Planning and Construction Administration, which encourages the promotion of prefabrication – including increasing the amount of prefabricated components in new buildings to 30% over the next ten years – and encouraging the development of modern wood structures in areas where conditions permit.

On February 16, 2016 China’s State Forestry Administration announced a commercial logging ban in all natural forests, meaning China will continue to have an increased need for imported fibre.

In May, 2016, MOHURD’s Minister Chen publicly advocated for wood in a speech during the Reports of the Prospects of the 14th Five-Year Plan.