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On December 5, 2015 FII, Canada Wood China and the Shanghai Science and Technology Committee of Shanghai’s MOHURD signed an MOU, Strategic Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding on promoting application and development of wood construction technology as a green building solution in Shanghai. The signatories signed their first tripartite MOU in 2004. By renewing the agreement, signatories deepen cooperation in the promotion of wood construction technologies as a low-carbon building solution in Shanghai.

During the same meeting, a second MOU was signed between FII, Canada Wood and the Shanghai Construction and Development Centre to build on the success of the Sanlin Affordable Housing Project by extending cooperation to new projects administrated by the Shanghai government, especially affordable housing, senior homes and other public facilities. The MOU also encourages Shanghai authorities to apply new wood applications – such as infill walls – to future projects. Under the MOU, Canada Wood China will continue to leverage the relationship with the Shanghai Housing Centre to meet influential Shanghai-based developers, design institutions, and construction companies in order to generate more project opportunities for wood.