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A success arising out of Canada Wood Group’s program to encourage wood frame construction in Korea has been the “Peanut” house concept. Introduced in 2011/12, the “peanut house” is essentially a duplex (two family units on one lot) that evokes connotations of a peanut (two nuts in one shell). The innovative design, which has rapidly gained popularity among first time homebuyers, was created by the Kwangjang Architect Group with technical support from Canada Wood Group. The objective was to translate Canadian style building systems (townhouses) into the Korean context while achieving three goals: faster construction time; cost savings over similar concrete structures; and low maintenance costs. Using Canadian wood frame construction technology and translating it to the Korean sensibilities, Kwangjang and Canada Wood Group have successfully created a new brand in the Korean housing industry. Over 100 new peanut houses have now been built, or are in the planning stage.