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By integrating mass timber products such as cross-laminated timber, laminated strand lumber and laminated veneer lumber, with other materials such as steel or concrete, hybrid structural components can increase the use of timber in building construction beyond current limitations. The timber-concrete composite (TCC) floor is a hybrid structural component that is made up of a layer of concrete overlaid on a layer of timber elements, with mechanical shear connectors connecting the layers.

The University of British Columbia’s Centre for Advanced Wood Processing carried out a research project to examine different shear connectors for the TCC floors, including self-tapping screws, glued-in steel mesh and a system based on mechanical interlock. FPInnovations carried out the research, which grew through a subsequent Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Engage grant with Weyerhaeuser. Industry donated the material for more than 300 small-scale and 27 full-scale specimens, which were fabricated and tested.

Practising engineers and industry partners enthusiastically provided input to the development of the test program to ensure specific industry needs were addressed.

The project was completed on time and on budget, with the project generating performance data and design guidelines to help incorporate TCC floors in buildings.