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Delegates from B.C.’s 2014 forest sector trade mission to Asia helped celebrate the 40th anniversary of Canada Wood and COFI establishing a presence in Japan.

The COFI and Canada Wood Japan office was established in January, 1974 with a Canadian architect, Japanese architect, Japanese engineer and Canadian lumber grader, to work more closely with Japanese government codes and standards officials. The first demonstration project, “COFI House” built on the grounds of the Canadian embassy, led to the approval of a Japanese 2x4 platform frame construction building code and lumber grading standards, which formed the basis for developing a new market in Japan.

In 2003, the COFI Tokyo Japan office joined with other organizations under the umbrella of Canada Wood Japan. The organization continued with its successes by having codes and standards adopted to recognize the use of wood in larger commercial and institutional buildings, such as schools and elderly care facilities.

A 40th anniversary reception was hosted by Canada’s ambassador to Japan, Mackenzie Clugston. Joining Canadian industry and government representatives at the reception were the Japanese architects, builders and customers who have made Canada the preferred source for high quality, sustainably harvested forest products for use in the Japanese construction industry.