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Wood building technology developed in B.C. is key to the design of a new elderly care facility now under construction in Japan. The Hanahata Asukaen Midply Site, a five-storey platform frame midply project, will be the largest wood building in the country. The project was the result of a design competition, eventually won by Mitsui Home Company, due to the unique Midply Wall System developed by FPInnovations and UBC.

The wall system provides added strength over normal construction techniques and is particularly suitable to areas prone to earthquakes, like Japan (under testing, the system was able to withstand a 1-in-2,500 year seismic event). The project follows several years of work by Canada Wood to share technical data with government officials on midply wall systems and to conduct tests, revise building codes, and raise awareness of the system with architects, engineers, and builders. Canada Wood Japan and the B.C. Council of Forest Industries (COFI) collaborated in these efforts.

The elderly care facility is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2016 and will have 9,023 m2 of floor space over five-storeys. The project is providing an opportunity for B.C. firms to supply the 30 containers of wood products needed to for construction.