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“Yu Ling Long” (Royal Crystal Garden) is a multiple building complex being constructed on commercial terms by Chinese developer Crown Homes. The project, located in Suzhou (Jiangsu Province) at Tai Lake, a well-known tourist attraction, includes 18 wood-frame three-storey villas (12,278 m2) and three hybrid seven-storey mid-rise apartments (10,171 m2). The multi-storey residential buildings are concrete post and beam structures that incorporate interior non-load bearing wood partition walls and exterior wood infill walls. The project is providing an opportunity to develop and test technical solutions for non-load bearing wood walls as replacements for the heavy concrete block wall system typical used in Chinese buildings. The wood used in the project comes from B.C.

As one of China’s newest “green building” projects, the Yu Ling Long development not only incorporates wood from B.C.’s sustainably managed forests, but also heated floors, air-conditioning, fresh air purification, and water processing and recycling systems.

Canada Wood (FII China and Canada Wood China), under a co-operation agreement with Crown Homes, is providing technical support for the project in areas of design, building code application, construction quality, and training and joint promotion on the wood infill wall applications.